Friday, March 18, 2005

TTS - Tottenville Builder throws a paint tantrum

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Another colorful episode in the long waged war between developers trying to do their best to increase the Island's already swelled population, and archetecturally literate and history aware neighbohood activists trying desparatly to save their communities soul. Gee, I wonder who will win in the end... - Staten Island Advance - Builder throws a paint tantrum:

Builder throws a paint tantrum
Stymied by Landmarks process, he defaces his Tottenville Victorian house with graffiti

Frustrated by an attempt to landmark his property, builder John Grossi yesterday spray-painted the 19th-century house he recently purchased in Tottenville with bursts of neon orange, green and pink polka dots, graffiti scrawl and some not-so-nice messages.

Vandalizing his own Amboy Road house was a bold move that highlighted the growing tension these days between builders who argue their property rights are being trampled and foes who say they have a right to preserve the communities and towns they live in from rampant demolition.

Most people who passed by the formerly cream-colored clapboard house just shook their heads in disbelief and stopped to ask the builder, "Who did that?"

"I did," replied Grossi. "That's how I like it. That's my idea of a Victorian-style house. It's my right."

The SILive Tottenville Forum is having a lively discussion on this pathetic circus act...


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