Thursday, March 24, 2005

YTS: Franco cuts loose with a high hard one...

Yesterday's Top Story

Former Met, and current Astro, John Franco has put his Todt Hill home up for sale and is asking for some Carols Beltran sized cash to take it off his hands. 8.3M gets you his tarted up hilltop mansion complete with Ice Cream Parlour and Indoor Basketball Court.

Franco, one of baseballs greatest firemen - though the last few years it's been more in a "Fahrenheit 451" sense - has lived on "the Hill" for years and become fairly active in the community. The 8.3M price tag makes stately Franco manor the most expensive house on the Island's market. So I expect some builder will snatch it up to build a few dozen shoddily constructed luxery townhouses or McMansions .

Prospectivie buyers can get all the info at SILive

SILive also has an update on the builder who defaced his own house....