Thursday, March 31, 2005

TTS - It's All About the St. Benjamins, We are the X-commuters

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It's All About the St. Benjamins
It's not only "greedy" builders who are contributing to the over-building of Staten Island - someone has to sell the developers the land to develop. It's a tough call but in the end I suppose most sellers simply want, expect and perhaps deserve, to get every penny they can for their property. I can't really blame them any more than I can blame contracters for wanting to do their job and build.

The latest high profile land sale involves a 15 acre plot owner by the Presentation Sisters - an order of nuns. The numbers being thrown around in the Advance are $20M for the land and 80 houses, and a new convent, being put up by the new owners.
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We are the X-commuters
In news that will come as no surprise to Islanders the Advance reports on US Census figures that place us at the forefront of the Extreme Commuting craze. Yay! We Win!

It seems nearly 12% of Island commuters need more than an houre and a half to trvel to work. No wonder we're such a cranky bunch.
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A sense of disclosure...
Frequent visitors will notice that most of the news stories posted here end up being linked back to an article on, the online home of the Staten Island Advance. The reason is simply that very few Island stories get any meaningful coverage anywhere else. Those that are covered by the other NYC papers are still usually better served by the Advance's local reporters.

I have no connection to the Advance, other than being a lifelong subscriber.