Thursday, March 24, 2005

TTS - The St. George and the Dragon

Today's Top Story:

In the "no good deed goes unpunished" department we have the continuing saga of the newly renovated St. George Theater and it's fight to stay open despite various building and fire code violations - the most serious of which they beleive they are exempt from. I won't recap the months long struggle - you can get the whole story at SILive - I'll only say that it's a shame that when someone finally brings a first class familily entertainment venue to the Island that it faces nothing but obstacles as it tries to get up to speed.

Fault for the problems can be laid on both sides - why the owners can't get the place up to code I don't know - perhaps they tried to run before they could walk - on the other hand it appears that the main issue - involving the placement of re-movable chairs and tables - has not been an issue in the past, the previous owner claims to have been granted a permanentexemption .

Hopefully both sides can work this thing out so we can permanently add the St. George to the fairly short list of first rate Island venues.

SI Advance Story at

St George Theater Website

Cinema Treasures, a site dedicated to preserving great old movie houses, has a page on the St. George. Scroll down to the comments for an informal history of the building's last couple of years (though the current kefuffle is not covered)