Monday, May 09, 2005

Retail Hell - Interior Design Department

There's a special place in retail hell for business owners who skip in the night. Nothing demonstrates the contempt a business has for its customers like taking their money, promising to perform a service and suddenly disappearing without the slightest warning. Bridal salons, catering halls, and now apparently interior decorators, are prone to pull up stakes without any thought to the hardship it's bound to cause some of their customers.

Randall Decorators of New Dorp Lane are the latest Island business to show themselves to be selfish, classless parasites. After 50 years doing business you would have thought they'd have had enough respect for their clients and the community at large to stop taking deposits and material for jobs when it was clear the shop was going to close - not so. One day the shop's open and happily soliciting work, the next it's shuttered and not even the cub reporters at the Advance can get a hold of them.

It's hard enough to get decent service when shopping on the Island - that's why everyone goes to Jersey after all - but closing up shop in the middle of the night with deposits in hand and customers property locked away behind your closed doors is low even by the Island's diminished standards.