Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Curtis High School 2005 Hall of Fame Inductees

Curtis has announced this year's inductees into it's Hall of Fame. It's quite a distinguished group - honorees include a General, a Bishop , a pair of distinguished doctors, a high powered businesswoman and an author.

Gen. Herbert L. Altshuler, Class of 1963
Episcopal Bishop Robert Marshall Anderson, Class of 1952;
Albert E. Davenport, Class of 1938
Gwendolyn Fleming, Class of 1942 (posthumous)
Emily Genauer, Class of 1927 (posthumous)
Pamela Liebman, Class of 1980;
Robert J. O'Connor, Class of 1938
Timothy Turvey, Class of 1963.

SILive has more information on this years inductees.

The Curtis School Newspaper is online, though I couldn't find any mention of the Hall of Fame ceremony.